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Reduction in Shelter Use Since 2012
Drop in Chronic Homelessness Since 2014
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Successfully Advocated For in State Funding
Units of Supportive Housing Built

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Latest Campaigns

PSC/Trinity College Public Policy Program Publication: Zoning Regulations, Public Health, and NIMBYism in Connecticut

Trinity Students and PSC collaborate on practicum research report on Zoning, Public Health, more.

PSC Releases New Fact Sheet on CT's Housing Wage

PSC has released a new fact sheet on CT's wages and the price of housing. 


PSC Research Associates Program seeking candidates

PSC seeking candidates to produce original research and writing on housing, homelessness, more. 

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Did you know in 2021--nearly 115,000 CT households spent more than 50% of their income on housing costs? Read more in a new policy brief by PSC's Kayleigh Pratt on how Rental Assistance Programs can help severely cost-burdened families in CT.


Check out this piece by one of our current Research Associates, Daisy Karega, where she investigates and researches the state’s equitable housing needs for different populations. -->

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