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2014 IForums

Clear Thinking! Creative Solutions!

Connecticut is poised for progress in its efforts to marry much-needed housing creation with sound policy solutions. In the areas of education, healthcare, transportation, environmental quality and economic development, affordable, mixed-income and supportive housing can ensure expanded opportunity, enhanced well-being and greater achievement for students, families, young professionals, and aging and disabled residents of our state.

IForums2014 will explore many of these issues, capitalizing on the ideas of national experts and the experience and wisdom of policymakers from Connecticut’s public, private and non-profit sectors. Please have a look at the new IForum lineup, mark your calendars and join us for what is certain to be a stimulating and successful 2014!!

Friday, February 28, 2014 - Click here for a recap of the event.  
Suburban Retrofit: How CT Towns Can Add Density, Affordability and Walkability to Survive…and Thrive!!
Featuring Lynn Richards, EPA Office of Smart Growth
CT’s suburbs expanded enormously in the 1970s, when Baby Boomers in their 20s wanted single-family homes in leafy towns away from the bustle of city and work. Now those Boomers are in their 60s and need smaller homes, along with Millennials burdened by education debt and working class households who are spending too much on housing. Can car-culture towns reconfigure themselves into walk-able town centers with the features their residents now want?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - Click here for a recap of the event. 
Driving Towards Zero: Ingredients for Success in Ending Chronic Homelessness
In our quest to finish the job of ending chronic homelessness in the next four years, how do we ensure that we are reaching the most vulnerable people who have been homeless for the longest time? We must have strong leadership, targeted action, and collaboration across all core service areas and levels of government. Due to many innovations over the last several years, communities across the country and in Connecticut are beginning to see a decreasing number of chronically homeless people. Which strategies and methods of financing supportive housing have been successful?  What can be replicated and brought to scale? 

Thursday, April 17, 2014 - Click here for a recap of the event
Mt. Laurel’s Model for New England: Patience, Endurance and The Big Payoff!
Featuring Prof. Douglas Massey, Princeton University
Affordable and mixed-income housing in high resource communities provides families and children with opportunity. In Mt. Laurel, NJ, where the state Supreme Court said communities can’t use their zoning power to exclude low-income families, two decades of success show that inclusionary zoning and affordability in high-resource municipalities offers proven benefits to the families living there. Through its 10-year-old 40R statute and HOMEConnecticut, Massachusetts and Connecticut are slowly but surely injecting affordability into high-resource communities. What does the future hold? What are we doing right? What could we do better? What can Mt. Laurel teach us? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - Click here for a recap of the event
Will Hartford’s Downtown Rebirth Benefit Its Neighborhoods? And Why It Must!
With $60 million in housing investment, the arrival of 2200 students to the new downtown UCONN campus, a nationwide return to urban living and new mass transit connections opening a world of opportunities for workers and employers, more and more observers believe downtown Hartford is headed for a renaissance. If so, will that rebirth help Hartford’s neighborhoods prosper, too? The answer may involve elbow grease, tailored solutions and a vision the key actors can agree on.

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