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2015 IForums

The Many Paths from Housing To Opportunity!

The Partnership for Strong Communities, in conjunction with many generous partners, will present a lineup of IForums in 2015 that will underscore that problems in educational achievement, transportation, healthcare, job access, community development and other disciplines can succeed when connected to enlightened housing and homelessness policy.

February 25, 2015 - click here for a recap of the event
Featuring an introduction from Governor Dannel P. Malloy 

Breakfast 8:15-8:45, Forum 8:45-11:00
Connecticut’s Post-Industrial Cities: Leveraging the Past to Brighten the Future
While Connecticut’s post-industrial cities are our regional anchors, they face stubborn social and economic challenges like many former manufacturing hubs throughout New England. To confront these challenges, Massachusetts pioneered the Gateway Cities initiative. The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston piloted the Working Cities Challenge. What kind of framework can bring about the collaborative, cross-sector leadership necessary for our cities to successfully diversify from the manufacturing-based economy that was their past, but is not their future?

March 25, 2015 - Click here for a recap of the event
Youth Homelessness: Developing Data-Driven Priorities
How can Connecticut better meet the needs of youth who are homeless so that they can seek services, complete education, obtain employment, and acquire housing? Lessons learned and results from Connecticut’s first statewide Youth Count and Blueprint for services and supports will be shared. Participants at this forum will examine short and long-term programmatic and policy recommendations.

April 21, 2015 - click here for a recap of the event
Public Housing Revitalization: Building Communities Together 
A year into the release of the state’s Capital Plan for the State-Sponsored Housing Portfolio, public housing authorities are exploring new funding opportunities while assessing development and management challenges. At the same time, recent legislation provides public housing residents a more prominent seat at the table in the redevelopment process. This forum offers a look at how housing authorities, tenants and funding agencies are using the redevelopment process as an opportunity to sustain a valuable resource while building inclusive communities.

May 21, 2015- click here for a recap of the event
Connecticut Needs Housing Choices…AND Mobility!
Due to weather the IForum on Jan 28 was rescheduled to May 21 

Connecticut municipalities are creating new affordable homes for low- and moderate-income families. But will those families grab those new choices? Some will want to  stay among friends, family and religious and cultural anchors. Others will want to move. But mobility concerns – whether there will be help in moving, security deposit assistance, counseling on how to succeed in a strange new community – can keep families from accessing higher-resource schools and communities with the jobs, services and transit access they need. A look at how parents are making choices and how schools and communities are helping them prosper wherever they choose to live.  

June 25, 2015 - click here for a recap of the event
Health Care, Housing, and Homelessness: Integrating Systems
Learn how healthcare and housing providers can work together to ensure people who are homeless and suffer from a physical or mental health disability get the care they need at much less expense. Innovative models in Connecticut such as Coordinated Care Teams and Integrated Health and Housing Neighborhoods are providing collaborative care, decreased public costs, and improved well-being. This forum offers the opportunity to discuss progress and expansion of current efforts.   

For information and registration: David Fink ( or Stephen Yenke (, 860-244-0066.

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