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Partnership for Strong Communities engages civic and political advocacy to expand housing opportunity, and develop strong, vibrant communities in the state of Connecticut. Partnership for Strong Communities serves as the backbone organization for HOMEConnecticut.

HOMEConnecticut is a broad-based Collective Impact initiative of partners working to ensure everyone in Connecticut has access to safe, stable, accessible, and affordable housing in the community of their choice. HOMEConnecticut provides statewide convening around collective goals:

  • Increasing rental assistance and investment in affordable housing
  • Advancing housing quality, safety, and justice
  • Removing barriers to affordable housing production

2023 Legislative Priorities

Click here for 2023 legislative priorities for the HOMEConnecticut campaign.

Advocacy Resources

What is the Affordable Housing Appeals Procedure? (Section 8-30g)

Enacted in 1990, the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Act (8-30G) allows housing developers willing to build housing with long-term affordability to low- and moderate-income households to challenge a town's failure to approve the proposal even when they do not meet a town's zoning regulation. 

At least 30% of units in these developments must be priced so that low-income earners spend less than 30% of their income on housing costs. 

Section 8-30g has helped spur the creation of thousands of affordable housing units since its inception, but it is still misunderstood.
Understanding Section 8-30g Common Myths

Towns with high levels of affordable housing can apply for a 4-year moratorium. The moratorium process allows municipalities to demonstrate that they have made progress in creating homes that are guaranteed to remain affordable. 
Click on Understanding Section 8-30g: Moratorium to learn more. 

A memo from the law firm Hinckley Allen estimates that since the enactment of Section 8-30g in 1990, about 8,500 income restricted units have created directly through the act, about 18,000 market-rate unit as part of 8-30g developments, and many other units approved voluntarily because of the existence of 8-30g.
Click here to read the Hinckley Allen memo.

Affordable housing development in Connecticut is financed through a variety of funding mechanisms. PSC has compiled a basic matrix of resources for nonprofit and for-profit developers, municipalities, housing authorities, and CDFIs.
View the Affordable Housing Resources Matrix.