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Shawn Lang

The Reverend Richard Schuster Supportive Housing Advocacy Award

Shawn LangThe supportive housing community is fortunate to have Shawn Lang, the Director of Public Policy at the Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition (CARC), on our team. When it comes to advocacy and organizing, Shawn is an expert. But her expertise doesn’t end there.

Shawn’s expertise spans policy development, program design, community education, homelessness, and housing. She has a deep understanding of the inter-related nature of these issues. At the center of it all, Shawn knows that “supportive housing is the answer. If we’re going to end the AIDS crisis, then we need to end homelessness.”

For more than 20 years, Shawn has worked in Connecticut on behalf of our most vulnerable citizens. She worked six years at a battered women shelter in Middletown and has been a tenant organizer for Mutual Housing. She serves as a board member on the National AIDS Housing Coalition, and she takes part in federal advocacy for HIV/AIDS funding annually. Shawn helped to write the first standards of care ever for HIV/AIDS housing in 1991, and she developed a crossover domestic violence and AIDS training curriculum which is being piloted in three states.

If you ask Shawn what she likes most about her job, she will smile and tell you “I get to do that I love to do, the way I want to do it. Who wouldn’t love that?” We are grateful that she just so happens to love working on behalf of those most in need.