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A Community-Invested Developer

A life-long resident of Stonington, Savin was invested in the community and in ensuring a vibrant future for Stonington. The project aligned with her work at Neighborworks New Horizons:  according to its mission statement, NWNH seeks “to strengthen neighborhoods by developing quality, affordable homes and supporting community building initiatives.” Savin knew the First Selectman and some staff members prior to the proposal for Spruce Meadows; that allowed her to build relationships with other staff in various town departments to smooth her path.

Town officials and community members were receptive when Savin introduced the idea of the new housing project because she was a well-known member of the community and a trusted developer. Had she been an outsider, “it would have taken a lot more effort,” said Savin. Keith Brynes, the Town Planner of Stonington, said, “She had a good relationship with the community, and she was good at communicating issues to the public. She had also developed around the state before.” 

After Phase I was approved, Savin applied for Phase II. “Because we worked so well together in Phase I, getting approvals for Phase II was a remarkably smooth process,” she said.  “A sense of trust had been established.” Rob Simmons, Stonington’s First Selectman, also spoke to the advantages of having Savin develop Spruce Meadows and Spruce Ridge; “It really helps to have a project manager who knows the history, the culture, and the people of Stonington. She is sensitive to the needs of the applicants and the needs of the community.” He added, “When it is time to fill the units and manage the property, she has local insight and local experience.”

A Deeper Look Inside Spruce Meadows

Next steps - Learn about Spruce Meadows, the collaboration between Stonington and Neighborworks New Horizons: