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Day 1 of the 100-Day Challenge: Goal-Setting and Collaboration

Day 1 of the 100-Day Challenge to End Youth Homelessness in Connecticut is officially underway! Today, we're highlighting the "rockstars" of the challenge, the on-the-ground regional homelessness response teams that are going above and beyond to end homelessness every day.

These teams are responsible for setting the goals of the 100-Day Challenge, and they've set their sights on meeting the state's goal of ending youth homelessness by the end of 2020. Here are some of the statewide goals for the Challenge:

  • Housing 450 youth and young adults
  • Connecting over 200 youth experiencing homelessness to education, employment, and other services
  • Better coordination with statewide systems like education, DCF, and mental health services
  • Ensuring access to transportation to schools and employment
  • Breaking the prison-to-homelessness pipeline by involving youth who have been involved in the juvenile justice system

The 100-Day Challenge Launch was covered by news outlets throughout the state - watch WTNH's news segment on the launch here.

For more updates on the 100-Day Challenge, follow along on PSC's Facebook and Twitter pages, or email to join our distribution list. We look forward to updating you on the progress of this amazing challenge!