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Reaching Home Workgroup: Health and Housing Stability

Workgroup Description:
A significant factor contributing to the unsustainable growth in healthcare spending is the avoidable use of the most costly services by a small subset of individuals with complex health and behavioral challenges who repeatedly encounter emergency and inpatient health care services with little or no success in their conditions. These individuals are often very poor, unstably housed or homeless, and living alone.

Arguably, adequate housing is a significant determinant of health and health costs. When homelessness is coupled with frequent use of emergency health care services, overall Medicaid spending in the state is substantially increased.

To confront these challenges, the Health and Housing Stability Workgroup is focused on these primary strategies:

  • Implement data-driven targeting approaches to scale supportive housing, aligning with person-centered health reform goals to improve outcomes, improve quality and reduce cost.
  • Maximize use of existing and new health and housing sector resources to access person centered service needs.
  • Develop population and performance measures to track need and impact of interventions
  • Integrate primary, specialty, substance abuse and mental health care with homelessness and housing programs.

Projects Underway:
Connecticut Integrated Healthcare & Housing Neighborhoods (CIHHN) 
The Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition, in collaboration with the Partnership for Strong Communities’ Reaching Home Campaign, has been awarded a Social Innovation Fund subgrant from the Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) to develop innovative solutions that link supportive housing and health care. Connecticut Integrated Healthcare & Housing Neighborhoods (CIHHN) will house and provide patient-centered health care to 160 individuals in an effort to integrate housing, case management and health care to improve health and well-being while lowering public costs.

Click here for a fact sheet about Connecticut Integrated Healthcare & Housing Neighborhoods.

Click here to view a list of  Health and Housing Stability Workgroup members.

For more information about the Health and Housing Stability Workgroup, please contact Alicia Woodsby - or 860-244-0066.

Last Updated: July 5, 2016