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Heritage Glen: Measures Of Success, School-Age Children

When affordable or mixed-income homes are constructed, residents fear they will attract families with children, so much so that the municipality’s school system will become overcrowded or that particular schools will become overburdened. Will operating costs rise? Will the district need to hire additional teachers? Will class sizes grow?

Heritage Glen is home to a total of 25 school-aged children in grades K-12. Kathy Grieder, Superintendent of the Farmington School District, sees that Heritage Glen families make a neutral impact on Farmington schools:

“The Farmington school district meets the needs of all students throughout the Farmington community, including those students living in Heritage Glen, through a rigorous standards-led curriculum, intervention supports and enrichment opportunities.”

The numbers further support Superintendent Grieder’s words: the development's school-aged residents are distributed among four schools in the Farmington School District: East Farms Elementary School (4 students), West Woods Elementary School (3 students), Irving Robbins Middle School (4 students), and Farmington High School (8 students). In addition, one student-resident attends an inter-district magnet school, while another attends school outside of the Farmington School District.

The breakdown of school-aged children living at Heritage Glen is consistent with data for the State of Connecticut analyzed by Rutgers University’s School of Planning and Public Policy in their 2006 study on Residential Demographic Multipliers for the Fannie Mae Foundation.  Rutgers’ analysis shows that, in Connecticut, on average, 2-bedroom homes renting for less than $1,300 per month in a setting of 5+ units were home to 0.48 school-aged children.

At Heritage Glen, the majority of homes (50 of the 68 units) are two-bedroom units. The average number of school-aged children that live in a 2-bedroom unit, of any price, at Heritage Glen is 0.42. So, two-bedroom units at Heritage Glen are likely to be home to just as many, on average—if not slightly fewer—school-aged children than in all of Connecticut. All Heritage Glen units are comparable to the Rutgers data, as market-rate units rent between $1,050-$1,303, and affordable-rate units go for $798 to $947 per month. 

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