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The Campaign for Affordable Housing

Click here to view the HOMEConnecticut Campaign's legislative agenda for Connecticut's 2022 session.

HOMEConnecticut is a broad-based campaign working to address Connecticut’s affordable housing shortage with the goal to Ensure that all Connecticut residents have access to a range of affordable housing choices in all communities in the state.

Housing is the key to individual opportunity and economic growth. Our current housing market, however, has left too many people burdened by high costs and exorbitant rents. To meet the needs of a changing population, Connecticut must increase its housing supply and reshape the choices it offers.

The following goals guide the work of the HOMEConnecticut:

  • Reduction in the number of low-income families that spend more than half their income on housing costs. ·
  • Increase in the supply of affordable homes in Connecticut. ·
  • Increase in the supply of affordable housing in municipalities where less than 10% of housing is income restricted.

HOMEConnecticut works to advance its work through:

  1. Legislative and administrative advocacy that promotes the creation and preservation of affordable housing;
  2. Outreach and engagement with municipalities, policymakers, key partners, and allies;
  3. Research, analysis, and publication of housing data.

HOMEConnecticut can strengthen all of Connecticut, providing safe, affordable homes as well as opportunity, economic growth and a secure future for us all. Please contact if you are interested in learning more about the Campaign.