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iForum: Preventing Future Chronic Homelessness Live Stream

Since 2012, Connecticut has been building a system that enables us to identify, assess, prioritize and match the most vulnerable population experiencing chronic homelessness to housing resources within a short period of time. While we have been able to greatly reduce the number of those experiencing chronic homelessness, we understand that this is an ongoing and complex problem.

This IForum will explore how we integrate mainstream systems such as behavioral health, criminal justice, and health care systems, and assure that there are pathways to address issues related to affordable and supportive housing. Adequate case management and health services to promote housing stability for those experiencing chronic homelessness will be discussed.



Introductions provided by:

Evonne Klein
Commissioner of Department of Housing

Miriam Delphin-Rittmon
Commissioner of Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Keynote Speaker:

Terri Power, LISW S
Senior Program Manager, Returning Home Ohio

Panel discussion exploring:

Intersection of feeder systems and innovative approaches to ending chronic homelessness. 
Kevin Kane
Chief State's Attorney

Dr. Kathleen Maurer
Medical Director, CT Department of Corrections

Fred Morton
CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services

Staci Peete
Norwalk Hospital

Kathy Flarherty
CT Legal Rights Project

David Gonzalez (moderator)
CT Coalition to End Homelessness

Presentation by:

Steve DiLella
CT Department of Housing



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