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IForum Series

2021 IForum logo

IForums are Back!

The IForum series is back for 2021! This year, we will be holding virtual IForum events at least once per quarter, with the possibility of resuming in-person events toward the end of the year. As always, the IForum series will feature conversations on some of the most important issues related to housing in Connecticut, striving to educate the public about the challenges of our state's communities and engaging the public in discussions about the possible solutions for these issues.

The first IForum of 2021, “Innovation and Success in Homelessness Prevention: What’s Happening Now and What’s Next,” took place on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. This IForum highlights innovative strategies going on at the local and national level that can provide key insights into future upstream prevention efforts in our state. 

Click here for a recap and recording of the March 2021 IForum.

An Opportunity

The Partnership’s annual IForum are an opportunity to showcase the interdisciplinary nature of housing policy. With connections to various public policy issues - from education to health, economic security to sustainability and community development, environment and energy use to transit - housing plays a crucial role in our state’s economic health and sense of community. Through our IForums, we strive to educate the public about the challenges of our state’s communities and engage the public in discussions about the possible solutions for these issues.

Our IForums feature speakers and panelists from the local, state, regional and national levels who bring deep knowledge, innovative ideas, first-hand experience, and useful resources regarding the forum topic. In addition, a crucial part of each IForum is interaction, dialogue and learning with and from the audience members.


In 2009 and 2010, the Partnership embarked on a series of events entitled “Housing: The Hub of Public Policy.” a medium to educate the public and policymakers about the connections between housing policy and other major public policy issues, including education, transportation, the environment, healthcare, municipal finance, the workforce and support services.

The Partnership hosted the 2009 series as a step towards our goal of educating the public on how affordable housing plays a part in solving a wide range of public policy problems. In 2010, the Partnership collaborated with the CT Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and the CT Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) to host a series of workshops aimed at creating policy alternatives for critical housing, education, transportation, healthcare, homelessness and workforce issues.

After exploring these various issues and their connections to one another through the 2009-2010 event series, the Partnership’s event series evolved in 2011 into the IForum series. The IForums have focused on innovative solutions to pressing public policy issues that are connected to the Partnership’s work on affordable housing, homelessness and community development. Working with partners across the public, private and nonprofit sectors, the Partnership uses the IForum series to explore issues with an eye on real world solutions that can be implemented in our state.

View our past IForums on YouTube