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Legislative Priorities

2021 Legislative Agenda

To end homelessness, create housing opportunity, and build strong communities in Connecticut.

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The coronavirus pandemic has both exposed and deepened the inequality that exists within Connecticut's housing system. Right now, an increasing number of Connecticut residents are spending half or more of their income on housing. Black and Hispanic communities face a greater burden from high housing costs. 31.4% of Black Connecticut residents and 27.3% of Hispanic residents in the state spend greater than half their income on housing costs, as opposed to 23.8% of white residents.

We can do better. The Partnership for Strong Communities is dedicated to building a state with safe, stable, and affordable homes for all. In the wake of COVID-19, the need for effective and equitable housing policy is all the more urgent.

The Partnership for Strong Communities staffs and manages two statewide campaigns: The Reaching Home Campaign to end homelessness and the HOMEConnecticut Campaign to expand housing affordability in Connecticut. Each campaign has a set of legislative priorities for Connecticut's 2021 legislative session.

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HOMEConnecticut Legislative Agenda 
Reaching Home Legislative Agenda

A shorter, graphically-oriented version of the HOMEConnecticut Legislative Agenda is available here.