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Legislative Priorities

2019 Legislative Agenda

Homelessness is Expensive. Invest in Solutions.

The Partnership envisions a state with strong, vibrant communities where all people can find safe, affordable homes with
access to opportunities, and where being without a home, even briefly, is the rare exception. Every day, we strive to:
Prevent and end homelessness. Ensure the key housing and homelessness resources necessary to maintain the state’s
progress on ending homelessness. The statewide homelessness efforts have saved money and conserved resources,
resulting in an end to veterans’ homelessness, a near-elimination of chronic homelessness and new strategies to end
family and youth homelessness. CT has seen a 25% reduction in homelessness since 2007, but far too many individuals
and families still experience homelessness in our state.

Expand Housing Affordability. Reduce housing instability by creating a greater supply of homes that residents can afford –
lowering their housing costs and increasing income available for food, clothing, healthcare, childcare and other vital needs.
More than 200,000 CT households spend more than 50% of their income on their housing costs. Those with the lowest
incomes risk falling into homelessness, threatening their lives and requiring costly services.

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