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Municipal Resources: Data & Demographics

Demographics are an important factor in understanding a community's housing needs. Building a better understanding of who currently lives in your community and where future deman migth come from is an important part of fostering community understanding regarding the need for affordable and/or multifamily housing. The resources below can help foster that conversation:

Housing Data Profiles

These individual town profiles highlight key housing statistics for all 169 municipalities in Connecticut, each county and the state as a whole. The 2015 Housing Data Profiles include charts and graphs visualizing data on housing stock, income, age distribution of residents, housing characteristics, housing costs and affordability, housing production and affordable units, along with a narrative analysis of housing conditions and a list of Key Stats.

Fact Sheets

Surburban Connecticut
How housing development over the last half century has had a lasting effect on today’s housing market. 

Grand Lists Changes in Connecticut Towns
​Towns across the state are experiencing stagnant real property tax revenues, in part because they do not have an adequate array of housing units to attract and retain residents. 

Income and Jobs in Connecticut 
Many occupations that are staples of a healthy community cannot afford housing available in the towns where they work. 

Mixed-Income and Affordable Housing Doesn’t Lower Nearby Property Values
A study published by MIT found no significant differences between home values in neighborhoods with affordable housing developments and those in other parts of town.

New Housing Doesn’t Automatically Bring New Students and Inflate Your School
Affordable and mixed-income development does not necessarily bring new school-age children to town. Studies show that school budgets are not primarily sensitive to enrollments. 



This brief brings together data from a variety of sources to paint the picture of housing conditions in the state, focusing on the housing needs of the state's economically vulnerable residents. Click here to read the full report - HousingInCT2016: The Latest Measures of Affordability. A one-page summary - HousingInCT2016: Highlights and Key Facts - is also available by clicking here.


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