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2017 PAHRC Report Focuses on Resiliency

14 June 2017
HAI Group

Recognizing the central role of housing to the greater strength and health of a community, the HAI Group Resource Center focuses its 2017 PAHRC Report on promoting sustainable, resilient communities through thoughtful housing policy.

The report uses the concept of community sustainability, referring to “a community’s ability to provide for its resident and allow them to thrive today and into the future.” Central to this concept is housing, and in particular housing affordability. While PAHRC describes various measures of community sustainability, one measure in particular outlined in the report is a community’s ability to house its most vulnerable populations - identified in the report as children, seniors, disabled individuals, and veterans.

Further, the report explores how access to affordable housing strengthens a community's residents. Once individuals are able to reach housing stability, other opportunities may be available - including their ability to gain financial security, invest in their health, identify support networks, and pursue educational improvements.

The report concludes by highlighting tools for building sustainability, including fostering partnerships, relying on data-driven assessment, and encouraging community engagement.

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