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Fact Sheets

The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Act (8-30G) Factsheets

22 September 2022

What is the Affordable Housing Appeals Procedure? (Section 8-30g)ooo

Enacted in 1990, the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Act (8-30G) allows housing developers willing to build housing with long-term affordability to low- and moderate-income households to challenge a town's failure to approve the proposal even when they do not meet a town's zoning regulation. At least 30% of units in these developments must be priced so that low income earners wont be spending more than 30% of their income on housing costs. 

8-30G has helped spur the creation of thousands of affordable housing units since its inception but still faces many baseless and false critiques which PSC has clarified in: Understanding Section 8-30g Common Myths   

Towns with high levels of Affordable Housing can apply for a 4-Year Moratorium. The moratorium process allows municipalities to demonstrate that they have made progress in creating homes that are guaranteed to remain affordable. 

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