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Reports and Publications , Supportive Housing

Analysis of Healthcare Utilization Post-Housing

12 December 2018

A new analysis published by CSH titled, Supportive Housing & Healthcare Utilization Outcomes State of the Literature, outlines the scope of twenty-five studies published between 2002 and 2017 that make connections between housing and the health needs of vulnerable populations. This report was created with the intent of informing supportive housing and healthcare providers with the overarching details and findings across the studies which report on housing as healthcare.

The researchers found that the most frequently utilized metrics included Emergency Room (ER) visits and inpatient stays, with hospital bed days, outpatient stays, and ambulance trips referenced less often in the studies. The impact of these measures was that after one year in supportive housing, reductions were found for ER visits, inpatient stays, hospital bed days and ambulance trips.

With regard to cost benefits, CSH notes that based on the studies reviewed, there is both cost avoidance and cost savings with reduction in service usage with supportive housing tenants.

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