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Revised Budget Update - April 27, 2018

24 April 2018
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

On Friday, April 20, the Appropriations Committee voted on two bills that would adjust the budget for FY 2019. Only one of them passed, H.B. 5588, with only House members of the committee voting along party lines. The Democrats voted YES, the Republicans voted NO.   
Both proposed bills closely mirrored the Governors proposed midterm adjustments as it relates to the priorities of the Reaching Home Campaign, with the Republican Leadership of the Appropriations Committee proposing an additional 5% decrease in the DOH Homeless Youth line-item. (See Reaching Home Legislative Recommendations here.)     
H.B. 5588 – offered by the democratic leadership of the committee, passed by a vote of 21 to 19 by its House members only.   
This bill includes the following funding levels for critical housing services:    

DOH Housing and Homeless Services   

This line-item funds frontline homeless services, outreach, emergency shelters, and the Rental Assistance Program (RAP). The budget adjustments fund DOH at $77,598,308 in Housing and Homeless Services. Included in this figure is $400,000 for rental assistance for Hurricane Maria evacuees, $90,000 for Noble House, and $50,000 in funding for the New London Homeless Hospitality Center.   

DOH Homeless Youth    

Youth outreach services, crisis housing for youth, and other housing supports are funded by this line-item. HB 5588 funds the Homeless Youth Line at $2,282,505, same as the Governor's Revised Proposal.   

DMHAS Housing Supports and Services   

Through Housing Supports and Services, DMHAS funds services for supportive housing. The budget provides $22,804,287 for the Housing Supports Line Item, same as the Governor's Revised Proposal.    
This Committee budget proposal, totaling $20.9 Billion, represents an increase of $216 million over the bipartisan budget approved in October, and signed by the Governor.    
S.B. 533 – offered by the committee’s Republican leadership, failed on a 25Y-27N vote.  This proposal would have made the following budget adjustments:   

DOH Housing and Homeless Services   

The budget adjustments fund DOH Housing and Homeless Services at $77,148,308, which is $400,000 less than the Governor's Revised Budget Proposal. This line includes up to $2.56 million as specified here: 

  • $400,000 for assistance for individuals and families displaced by Hurricane Maria
  • $150,000 for a grant to New London Homeless Hospitality Center
  • $90,000 for a grant to Noble House in Bridgeport
  • $700,000 to operate the 211 info line program providing assessments and resources for individuals experiencing homelessness
  • $850,000 to support CANs 
  • $370,000 to provide overflow shelter capacity under the state's cold weather protocol 
DOH Homeless Youth    

Homeless Youth at $2,214,962, representing a 5% reduction from the Governor’s Revised Budget submitted in February.  The Governor's Revised Proposal funded the Homeless Youth Line at $2,282,505.  

DMHAS Housing Supports and Services   

The budget provides $22,804,287 in funding at DMHAS for Housing Supports and Services, matching the Governor's Revised Proposal.    
We expect intense bipartisan budget discussions to continue. Session adjourns on May 9th.  For more information contact Sean Ghio at 860-244-0066 or at   
Partnership for Strong Communities continues to advocate for the Reaching Home agenda to maintain these line items at the levels funding in the bipartisan budget passed in October.