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City of Hartford Releases 2015 Family Resources Directory

27 July 2015
Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth & Recreation

The Hartford Department of Families, Children, Youth and Recreation (DFCYR) has released its 2015 Family Resources Directory. This directory catalogs over 350 Hartford-based organizations (including the Partnership for Strong Communities) which provide family resources to the city’s residents. These organizations are divided into seven categories:

  • Civic Engagement
  • Youth & Family Enrichment
  • Early Childhood Education & Home Daycare Providers
  • Workforce Development
  • Schools & Higher Education
  • Support Services
  • Government Agencies

Dr. José Colón-Rivas, Director of DFCYR, says his hope for the directory is that “families get the services best suited to their situations and that organizations are able to coordinate most effectively with each other.”

The directory can be found online in English and Spanish/Español: