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CoCs Preparing for January 2013 PIT

19 December 2012

The January 2013 Point in Time (PIT) count of all people experiencing homelessness on a single night is fast approaching. Every year Continuums of Care are required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to conduct a PIT during the last ten days of January unless they receive a special waiver from HUD.

These counts provide the data necessary for policymaking at the federal, state, and local level as well as the data necessary to evaluate whether programs have been successful.

The 2013 PIT count will be the first time data on the following subpopulations will be collected:

  • Sheltered and unsheltered youth both under 18 and 18-24
  • Female veterans
  • Families experiencing chronic homelessness

Click here to access information on how to volunteer in the 2013 PIT.