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Connecticut is the First State to End Chronic Homelessness for Veterans!

27 August 2015

On Thursday, August 27th Governor Malloy announced that Connecticut is the 1st state to effectively end chronic homelessness among Veterans on our path to ending homelessness for all Veterans in the state. In the past two years, nearly 300 Veterans experiencing chronic homelessness have moved into permanent housing. What this means is that all known Veterans experiencing chronic homelessness (those Veterans who have been homeless for a long time and are living with a disability) are either housed or are on an immediate path to permanent housing, and we will be able to rapidly place any Veteran newly experiencing chronic homelessness on the path to permanent housing.

This is a momentous milestone along the path to ending all Veteran homelessness in the state by the end of this year. Lessons learned from the Veterans work will help drive us toward the goal of ending chronic homelessness by the end of 2016 and homelessness for families and youth by the end of 2022. Ending homelessness as we know it does not mean that no one will ever find him/herself temporarily without a place to live. Reaching this goal means we have overhauled the system and secured new resources so that future episodes of homelessness are rare, brief, and non-recurring. 

This work is a testament to the collaboration and leadership of the Reaching Home Veterans Workgroup, which includes the Connecticut Heroes Project, community providers, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, CT Department of Housing, CT Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the Partnership for Strong Communities, Connecticut’s Supportive Services for Veteran Families grantees, and the Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness. Reaching Home is the statewide campaign for preventing and ending homelessness, staffed and managed by the Partnership for Strong Communities.

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