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CT is on the Cusp of Ending Chronic Homelessness

17 January 2017
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

Connecticut has worked diligently to meet its goal of ending chronic homelessness. Since the start of this initiative in January 2015, providers across the state have housed more than 1,200 chronically homeless individuals. This has been due to the unprecedented collaboration between state, federal and community partners coupled with critical investments in supportive housing. We know that the combination of quality housing, rental assistance and supportive services (case management services and behavioral health supports) is an evidence-based practice and is essential to success in ending chronic homelessness.

Across the state, our eight Coordinated Access Networks have been able to streamline efforts and effectively target public funds to address homelessness, which not only reduces upwards of 70% cost burden on communities for public services such as emergency services and hospitals, but more importantly saves lives. Connecticut is on the cusp of ending chronic homelessness and ensuring that when episodes of homelessness do occur, they are brief, rare and one-time.   

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