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DOH Releases 2018 Affordable Housing Appeals List: Fewer Towns Exempt

12 March 2019
Connecticut Department of Housing

The Connecticut Department of Housing has released the 2018 Affordable Housing Appeals List, which shows the percentage of affordable housing units in each Connecticut municipality as a percentage of their overall housing units. The number of towns that have 10% or more of their housing stock designated as affordable dropped from 30 in 2017 to 29 in 2018. According to the 2018 Appeals List, 11.3% of the state’s housing stock is affordable, with 167,911 of its 1,487,891 housing units counted as affordable. 

This list is released each year to satisfy the criteria contained in the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure (C.G.S. 8-30g). According to the statute, municipalities in which at least 10% of the housing units are designated affordable according to the criteria listed in the statute are exempt. Towns that have less than 10% of their housing units designated are subject to C.G.S. 8-30g. If a developer’s plan for an affordable housing development is rejected by a municipal planning and zoning commission, the developer has a right to appeal to the superior court. The burden of proof is shifted to the town to prove the denial was based on a substantial public health and safety concern that “clearly outweighs” the town’s need for more affordable housing.

The town that dropped off the 2018 Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals list is Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, the total housing units from the 2010 census was 3,235 while the total assisted units dropped from 341 in 2017 to 311 in 2018, decreasing the town’s percentage of affordable housing from 10.54% in 2017 to 9.61% in 2018. The loss of units were from both the Tenant Rental Assistance category and the single family CHFA/USDA mortgage category.

Click here to view the 2018 Affordable Housing Appeals List.