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Eating A Healthy Diet Takes A Conscious Effort

2 October 2013

Lorie Reardon is a registered dietitian for Charter Oak Health Center.

Diet plays an integral role in our health. Whether we are attempting weight reduction, managing blood sugars or perhaps eliminating certain ingredients due to food allergies, there is a true art to eating.

This art starts with making smart food choices, and knowing which selection and amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates would best benefit our heart health needs. Next is having the knowledge and ability to prepare food in a healthy manner.

Performing the art of healthy eating takes some essential tools.  This includes a food budget, transportation, cooking utensils and, most importantly, nutrition education. 

We teach the art of eating to the patients at Charter Oak Health Center, where we firmly believe in offering patients the opportunity to master the art of healthy eating, as well as offering them the necessary tools to do so.

First, the means to get actual food within walking distance at a mobile food site and /or farmers market is important.  We encourage patients to collect food of no charge, including fresh produce and other healthy food choices at our Foodshare Mobile Site.  Patients are also encouraged to use the farmers market at Billings Forge

In addition, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is offered to first-time applicants or for those in need of renewals right here at Charter Oak Health Center.

Nutrition education is offered in group settings or as individual consultations. Attendees to our weekly class are invited to take part in light exercise and learn nutrition facts about food preparation.  The food items are used in a cooking demonstration, and samples are offered. Other specialty classes include Weight Management, HIV Nutrition and Diabetes Management.

Diabetes education comes in a variety of offerings starting with a Health Provider APRN, who is a Certified Diabetes Educator.  Each person is referred to a Registered Dietitian who is also a Certified Diabetes Educator.  For those needing more frequent support, group classes are offered.  Lastly, food resources can only be prepared with working kitchen utensils.  We accept donations of working tools such as steamers, electric mixers or just about any other utensil that encourages home-cooked meals.

We are committed to offering the key ingredients to assist our clients in mastering the fine art of healthy eating, which in turn improves overall wellness. 

Lorie Reardon is a registered dietitian for Charter Oak Health Center.

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