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Fact Sheets

Encouraging Diversity in Your Town Through Zoning Reform

24 June 2020

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across Connecticut, thousands across the state are asking how they can promote diversity, inclusion, and equity in their communities.

One answer can be found in municipal zoning laws, which have been historically used to segregate communities along racial lines. The effects of segregation can still be felt in Connecticut's zoning laws today — and you have the power to change them.

The Partnership for Strong Communities has released a fact sheet on municipal zoning advocacy, which can be found below. Click here for a downloadable version of the fact sheet. If you want to get involved in changing your local zoning laws, email us at and we can help with whatever materials you need.

Finally, if you're interested in zoning change at the state level, please sign up for emails from the Partnership for Strong Communities as we push for equitable zoning policy on the state level.