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Enthusiasm for Lyceum Event Planning in Support of the Partnership’s Mission

4 January 2017
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

Jane Peters, Events and Building Manager, Partnership for Strong Communities

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved planning parties, making people feel special, and bringing people together.  I love to help people. Event planning is very rewarding in itself, but renting space that acts as a donation to the Partnership for Strong Communities to carry out our mission to build strong communities, expand affordable housing, and end homelessness makes me so proud to be a team member. Knowing that when I rent space to a client, we are both making a difference, that just feels good!

We have the privilege of welcoming so many wonderful organizations that are making a difference in the local and global community for their own missions. I think coming to the Lyceum is another way for both for-profit and non-profit organizations to show their support for local causes and campaigns. In talking to clients since I’ve started here, they want to learn more about the mission of the Partnership and they enjoy being a part of something so important. There are so many venue choices today, but coming to a beautiful building rich in history and vibrancy, knowing that you are making a donation toward something so vital in CT rather than just paying for rental space, makes the Lyceum a top choice among local venues.

I remember a time in my life when it was extremely difficult for me to find affordable housing, especially with two young children. I was very fortunate to have wonderful parents that helped me whenever I needed them, but some of my friends weren’t as fortunate. I remember thinking then that there was such a need in CT for more affordable housing options, and the same holds true today. It is very difficult for young adults to move out of their parents’ homes, in many cases due to the high costs associated with a rent or mortgage. By the time they pay for their car, student loans and food, there isn’t enough money left to move into a decent apartment or home.

I know so many hard-working individuals that struggle to barely get by because of the high rent/mortgage that they pay. They can’t afford to move but they are barely affording to stay. They let maintenance issues get away from them because they can’t afford to fix them, which typically causes even more financial despair when the problems can no longer be overlooked. Their own health and wellbeing suffers many times, because they cannot afford to take care of themselves properly AND pay the rent or mortgage.

Working here at the Lyceum with the Partnership, I am very excited to be able to offer exquisite, affordable event accommodations while delivering a message. Knowing that I am working with a team that is completely dedicated to ending homelessness and expanding affordable housing resources for young families, adults and seniors is inspirational. The education and outreach offered is in high demand. I am excited to learn more about the Partnership’s campaigns and the various partner agencies we work with. I feel so motivated to be surrounded by people who truly want to make a difference, and who do it! I believe that together, we can improve affordable housing and end homelessness!

To learn how you can rent a conference room here at the Lyceum email Jane Peters at

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