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Community Development , Homelessness , Supportive Housing

Final IForum Inspires Ideas on Changing Systems to End Homelessness

28 September 2011

The 2011 IForum series ended strong with featured guests David Stroh of Bridgeway Partners and John McGah of Give US Your Poor presenting strategies on systems thinking and action, and leading dialogue on how to improve Connecticut’s systems related to homelessness.  Connecticut has a strong foundation of supportive housing creation, and a talented array of service providers, developers and shelters working to end homelessness.  Opening Doors/CT and other work is now building on this foundation with expanded approaches, including better coordination across policy areas, and measurement-based means of tracking results.

Stroh and McGah stressed the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders affected by the issue, to take a wider view of the situation than is sometimes employed.  By seeing how many factors and activities influence each other, we are more likely to avoid unintended consequences of our work.  These unintended consequences can be one issue area unknowingly causing problems in another area, or short-term solutions being used that have longer-term negative effects.  An eclectic and talented group of attendees had hearty conversation on these issues, including state agency representatives, homelessness advocates and providers, philanthropists, and experts in health care, criminal justice and youth and families.

Check out photos of the event:

Click here to download the materials from the presentation and packets.