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HomeConnecticut Campaign Launches Municipal Resource Page

5 July 2016
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

Katy Shafer, Deputy Policy Director, Partnership for Strong Communities.

Last week the HOMEConnecticut Campaign launched Municipal Resources. This new section on the Partnership for Strong Communities website centralizes tools such as our fact sheets, publications, and other resources from the state and federal government to support communities engaged in developing new housing options in their towns. The site is divided into five categories: (1) Data & Demographics, (2) Facts Sheets & Publications, (3) Housing Market & Need, (4) Land Use Tools and (5) TOD & Transportation.

The site was informed by area planners who are often tasked with communicating complex land-use and demographic trends to their residents, elected officials, community leaders and commissions. Resources such as our fact sheets clearly communicate the data that dispels myths about affordable housing; our publications visualize how other towns have introduced density and affordability; and research studies show that housing diversity can support municipal fiscal health and vibrancy. Housing Data Profiles provide a snapshot of each municipalities’ housing landscape and an entrée into this larger conversation.

The newest feature is a  catalogue of municipal zoning ordinances passed to incentivize affordable housing development. Of the 72 towns that have received grants through the state’s Housing for Economic Growth Program, over 40% (30 towns) have passed new zoning ordinances that encourage the development of affordable housing and permit the density that makes mixed-income projects financially feasible. This tool will hopefully inspire more communities to realize that there are many zoning models that advance our shared goals.

The HOMEConnecticut Campaign turns 10 years old this summer. Here’s a look at the Campaign’s accomplishments. We’re excited to release Municipal Resources and we look forward to your feedback.

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