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Honoring Heroes in Your Community

20 May 2020

When the coronavirus first hit Connecticut in March, homeless service organizations across the state redoubled their efforts to reach out to people experiencing homelessness. Shelters worked to move many of their residents into hotel rooms to prevent outbreaks. In the past two months, the efforts of Connecticut’s homeless service system have saved lives and moved people into stable housing.

From frontline shelter workers to government funders and coordinators, people in our state have been working overtime to make sure that nobody must face this economic and health crisis without a home. That’s why, last month, we announced Heroes of Housing and Homelessness Week. From June 8 to June 12, we will be sharing the stories of the people in Connecticut who have worked so hard to fight homelessness and housing instability during this pandemic.

Since we announced Heroes week, the response has been greater than we could have imagined. People have sent dozens of stories of heroism from their neighbors and co-workers. Here are a few examples:

  • One community member thanked their local shelter for keeping people safely and stably housed while taking measures to prevent viral outbreaks in their shelter.
  • Another thanked volunteers working to distribute food, masks, and other essential items.
  • State Senator Saud Anwar shared his thanks to the frontline workers who have made a difference in Connecticut’s homelessness response.

We look forward to sharing more stories and thank you’s like Sen. Anwar’s, starting on June 8. We’re going to be running a series of videos, blog posts, and social media posts (using the hashtag #HHHWeek) to promote the work of people all across our state.

If you want to nominate your own housing hero, there’s still time to do so! Just fill out this form or email Chelsea Ross at

As always, we are grateful for the work of the Heroes of Housing and Homelessness across our state. We look forward to sharing more, starting on June 8!