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House Proposes Cutting Transit Funding 30-35 Percent

14 July 2011

U.S. House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chair John Mica (R-FL) proposed cutting $35-42 billion per year over six years for a total of $230 billion or 34% from the current federal transportation funding levels in a proposal entitled “A New Direction” on July 7. At the current highway/transit split, which would be maintained in Rep. Mica’s proposal, that would mean a loss of $4 billion per year in transit funding nationwide.

If approved, $246 million of transportation funding will be cut from Connecticut, including $79 million from public transit funding in Fiscal Year 2012 (FY12), with those funding levels flat until FY18. According to the Tri-State Transportation Campaign (TSTC), a total of 8,786 jobs would be lost in Connecticut in FY12 due to these cuts.

For Connecticut, it is still unclear exactly how these proposed cuts, if approved, will impact federal funding for the two big upcoming transit project - the Springfield-New Haven Rail Line and the Hartford-New Britain Busway. Congressman Mica’s proposal is still an outline that doesn’t detail which programs will be cut specifically, but they are expected to negatively impact spending on new infrastructure. According to TSTC, it is clear that if Connecticut wishes to receive funding for its transit projects, it must act quickly to break ground and secure what little funding is currently available before that amount reduces again.

According to data provided by TSTC, New Jersey would lose a total of $502 million and 17,897 jobs, while New York would lose $1.23 billion and 44,625 jobs.

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