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Housing Policy the Focus of Federal Reserve White Paper

1 February 2012
The Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve submitted a housing policy white paper - “The U.S. Housing Market: Current Conditions and Policy Considerations” - to Congress on Jan. 4, examining a number of topics including: housing market conditions, addressing foreclosure using a REO to rental model, access to credit, assistance for homeowners at risk of default/foreclosure, and mortgage servicing issues. 

The white paper explores ways to use REO to rental models to help mitigate the effects of foreclosure, examining both the opportunities
and challenges of such programs. It also examines current programs to assist homeowners at risk of default or foreclosure and problems
in the servicing of mortgages.  The paper identifies policies that could potentially address some of the systemic issues that are  currently at odds with reducing foreclosures and stopping the downward pull on housing prices related to foreclosure.   

The white paper can be found here.