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Housing Resources for Survivors of Human Trafficking

17 December 2019
Freedom Network Training Institute

The Freedom Network Training Institute created two new resources to offer guidance for navigating the homeless services system and housing needs of human trafficking survivors. Working with survivors of human trafficking requires not only the knowledge of available homelessness and housing services, but also an understanding how those resources and supports can help or harm those experiencing homelessness.

The first brief, “Collaborating with Homeless Shelters to Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking," focuses on how the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) categorizes survivors of human trafficking for HUD-funded service eligibility. It helps providers serving this population in determining if a shelter is the right fit for every survivor. The brief offers best practices and referrals. The brief also answers the following three frequently asked questions:

  1. Are homeless shelters safe for survivors of human trafficking?
  2. How can anti-trafficking service providers address the safety concerns of a shelter?
  3. How can anti-trafficking service providers advocate for trauma-informed practices for survivors of trafficking within a homeless shelter?

For more information on “Collaborating with Homeless Shelters to Serve Survivors of Human Trafficking,” click here.

The second brief, “Human Trafficking Housing Options: Housing Choice Voucher Programs” takes a closer look at what the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) (also known as Section 8) program. The brief aims to explore the HCV program as it relates to human trafficking. It explains how the program works, various eligibility requirements through HUD, program requirements and obligations of participants in the program. While the brief does consider if the program is a good fit for a survivor of human trafficking, its main recommendation is to “review the program requirements with the survivor to determine their interest.”

For more information on “Human Trafficking Housing Options: Housing Choice Voucher Programs,” click here.