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Housing News Digest

Improving Community Health through Collaborative Policy Change

17 October 2018
BUILD Health Challenge

“Healthy Homes Des Moines is the product of engaged stakeholders with a shared vision and responsibility for the community’s health.”  

The BUILD Health Challenge released the Healthy Homes Des Moines Case Study, an exploration of the work being done in the Des Moines, Iowa community after it received funding to improve health and community outcomes through collaborative systems and policy change efforts.  

Using a four-step process of referral management, assessment of living conditions, repairs to households, and educating referred families on healthy living practices, the program made great strides in improving the lives and outcomes for children suffering from asthma. The researchers note that while they initially focused on asthma, there is a possibility they can extend this same approach to other areas of study.    

As a result of this two-year project: 

  • 62 families [in the community] received in-home asthma education, 
  • 42 homes were repaired, 
  • 38 families completed all intervention steps, 
  • $150,000 worth of repairs were completed, 
  • $17,000 in supplies were given to families, and  
  • 6.2 more asthma-free days per month for children. 

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