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Lowering Housing Costs Will Help Restore Connecticut

3 April 2017

In an Op-Ed published in the Hartford Courant on April 2, David Fink – consultant with Partnership for Strong Communities – made the case for expanding the state’s supply of affordable housing.

Lowering housing costs with more supply will help restore Connecticut's economy, fiscal ills, our achievement gap and other problems so prosperity will return.

Expanding affordable housing choice in communities throughout the state will help keep retiring baby boomers in Connecticut, attract new taxpayers and job creators, and expand discretionary income by cutting our sixth-in-the-nation median monthly housing costs.

Short housing supply is the cause of astronomical housing costs. Half of Connecticut's renters and 30 percent of homeowners spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing, leaving little for food, clothing and other necessities. Their lack of discretionary income also damages the state's economy. Without thousands more smaller, denser, more affordable homes in many more municipalities, our state and most of its towns will get older and less productive.

The large majority of Connecticut towns refuse to zone for higher densities that make affordability possible. Fearing minorities, low- and moderate-income neighbors or any change at all, their exclusionary zoning has caused far-reaching inequities and economic stagnation.

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