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Malloy, Klein, McCarthy Offer Ideas to Help ALICE

28 January 2016

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said affordable housing is vital and must be married to such other key disciplines as transportation, healthcare and economic development to really provide opportunity to those who need it.

Housing Commissioner Evonne Klein said the Malloy administration has created more than 7,500 affordable housing units because they are need to provide opportunity to state residents at many incomes levels.

And Lincoln Institute of Land Policy President George W. Mac McCarthy suggested that the affordable housing supply shortage won’t be solved without new policy approaches, from land trusts to value capture to manufactured housing.

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But the most lasting impact of Jan. 27th’s first IForum of 2016 at The Lyceum may have been the head scratching and palpable discomfort felt by the 150 attendees as they tried to understand how ALICE households pay for such necessities as food, housing, transportation and childcare on the meager incomes they are forced to subsist upon.

Taped for later broadcast by CT-N, the two-hour IForum on “ALICE’s Search for Survival” drew municipal officials, planners, housing experts, homelessness service providers and human services non-profit administrators. They came to better understand how 35% of all Connecticut households try to survive on budgets below $65,000 for 4-person households and $21,000 for individuals.  Maura Cook of United Way of Connecticut took attendees through an exercise that required them to make almost-impossible choices between food and housing, healthcare and adequate transportation, affordable childcare and whether to save or pay off debt.