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March IForum Focuses on Developing Meaningful Messages with Data

21 March 2018
Partnership for Strong Communities (PSC)

The “I” in IForum stands for Ideas, Inspiration and Innovation. The third IForum of the season “Drowning in Big Data: Translating Numbers into Meaningful Messages” focused on the innovative ideas data practitioners were using to inspire housing creation across the state. Town planners, housing developers, nonprofit and community leaders all gathered to learn more about the cutting-edge research recommendations that can be used to advance a strong affordable housing and community development agenda.

Keynote speaker, Tiffany Manuel, Vice President of Knowledge, Impact and Strategy at Enterprise Community Partners, Inc., presented an overview of the results of a report she co-authored entitled “You Don’t Have to Live Here”. She shared why our housing messages often backfire and what research suggests we can do to effectively explain why housing is a shared public concern.

Following the keynote, Charles Patton, Senior Policy Analyst at the Partnership, provided an overview of the 2018 Housing Data Profiles. These profiles detail the current housing stock and needs across Connecticut, and include charts and graphs visualizing data on a variety of housing related topics (e.g., percentage of affordable units, number of single-family or multifamily homes, number of bedrooms in homes, etc.). 

He then introduced a diverse panel comprised of data practitioners from across the state. 

2018 IForum - Drowning in Big Data: Translating Numbers into Meaningful Messages

Using live polling, the panel asked housing related questions to explore how to locate data that could help audience members understand housing trends and challenges. Participants that answered questions correctly were rewarded with prizes. 

​The Data Portal provides custom data-exploration tools to explore, visualize and download data.

​The 2-1-1 Counts Data Dashboard provides real-time, searchable and visual presentations of data from 2-1-1 call centers in Connecticut and across the nation.

​The NHPD offers the only de-duplicated source for comprehensive data on the publicly supported housing inventory.