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Medicaid-Financed Services Should Partner With Supportive Housing

11 June 2012

States should utilize the Medicaid expansion provided by the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) to leverage Medicaid options for supportive housing according to a joint policy brief from The Corporation for Supportive Housing and the Center for Health Care Strategies. The policy brief, Medicaid-Financed Services in Supportive Housing for High-Need Homeless Beneficiaries: The Business Case was released on June 6, 2012.

The brief argues that creating Medicaid-financed supportive housing-based care management services to care for at-risk beneficiaries would lower costs for states by preventing hospitalizations and use of other crisis services. To support this argument, the brief:

  1. Outlines the potential benefits of care management linked to affordable housing;
  2. Details the business case for using Medicaid to finance supportive housing-based services from the viewpoint of Medicaid as well as the supportive housing industry sector;
  3. Highlights potential Medicaid authorities that states can use to fund supportive housing-based services; and
  4. Raises considerations for policymakers to address in designing strategies that use Medicaid resources to provide supportive housing-based services for people who are homeless.

Click here to read the brief.