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NAEH Releases Framework to Help Communities Address Homelessness during COVID-19

2 July 2020

The National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) has published The Framework for An Equitable COVID-19 Homelessness Response. The Framework provides guidance around strategies and activities that communities can implement to address the need of people who are experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 crises. It also shares insights on funding sources, through the CARES Act, as well as FEMA Public Assistance, that can be strategically used to help this population.

The Framework's implementation is broken down into four phases: Immediate actions, short-term actions, medium-term actions, and longer-term actions. The Framework also highlights that the planning, design, and implementation of COVID-19 responses should be centered through a racial justice and equity lens.

On Wednesday, June 16th, 2020, NAEH announced a new collaboration with national partners, which will assist communities with their responses to COVID-19. Members include:

  • Nan Roman and the team at the National Alliance to End homelessness
  • Ann Oliva and Peggy Bailey from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Matthew Doherty and Barbara Poppe, both former Executive Directors of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness currently working in communities across the country
  • Marc Dones and the team at the National Innovation Service
  • Barbara DiPietro and the team from the National Health Care for the Homeless Council,
  • Diane Yentel and the team from the National Low Income Housing Coalition
  • Mary Cunningham and Samantha Batko from the Urban Institute

This partnership is funded by Melville Charitable Trust, Funders for Housing and Opportunity, and in-kind support.

Click here to read the Framework.