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Homelessness , Supportive Housing

National Leaders Gather to Discuss FUSE

17 August 2011

National and local stakeholders gathered in July to discuss the Corporation for Supportive Housing’s (CSH) Frequent Users System Engagement (FUSE) initiative. Participants included officials from across the country, as well as key federal policymakers and leaders of industry groups including the National Association of Counties, the Council of State Governments and the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities. FUSE targets supportive housing to better serve people who cycle through public systems in order to improve their outcomes and more effectively use public dollars and resources.

Connecticut’s FUSE program has been up and running since April 2010, starting with an initial pilot of 30 units of supportive housing in Hartford, New Haven and Bridgeport.  The program expanded to include Waterbury and Southeastern CT, now encompassing 80 supportive housing units. In the last legislative session, agencies were given the authority to redirect existing resources to create an additional 160 FUSE slots.

Check out CSH’s new video on their Returning Home Iniative: