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Affordable Housing

New Brief Discusses Improving Family Health with Stable Housing Opportunities

5 September 2018
Children’s Health Watch

Stable Homes Make Healthy Families a two-page report by the Children’s Health Watch addresses the current and projected healthcare and educational costs of individuals experiencing housing instability and examines cost-saving policy solutions to increase families’ health care outcomes.  According to the report, 10.2 million children and families could have avoided experiencing preventable health conditions in 2016 if they were stably housed. Over the next ten years the cost of families living in unstable homes to the Health Care System will be $111 billion, $76.8 billion for maternal health conditions and $34.4 billion for child health conditions. 

The report concludes with the following policy recommendations that communities can strive towards: 

  • Increase the stock of affordable housing
  • Provide housing resources to help families pay their rent.
  • Leverage resources from the health care system to provide access to affordable housing for families.

Click here to read the full report.