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New Enterprise Survey Finds Renters Prioritize Housing Above All Else – Even Health Care

1 May 2019
Enterprise Community Partners

Enterprise Community Partners recently conducted a national survey studying the connection between health and housing as part of its Health Begins with Home initiative. The survey results suggest that many low-income renters prioritize paying rent above all other household expenses, including health care. 83% of severely cost-burdened renters (households spending more than 50% of their monthly income on housing costs) prioritized rent over anything else.

Respondents indicated that the medical care most frequently delayed due to affordability concerns included preventative routine check-ups, seeking treatment while sick, and purchasing over-the-counter medications.

These findings are the result of a two-pronged surveying approach undertaken by Enterprise Community Partners and Wakefield Research. 1,000 adults from across the United States were polled as part of the survey’s renter-specific portion, 500 of which were households with incomes at $50,000 or under. 500 medical professionals were surveyed for the medical professional portion of the survey.

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