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New Report Examines Housing Discrimination against Families with Children

21 June 2017
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

A new report Discrimination Against Families with Children in Rental Housing Markets finds that households with children that are seeking a place to live tend to receive an appointment to meet with a rental agent and be informed of available rental units at the same rate as individuals without any children that are seeking rental units. However, the study reports that families were more likely to be shown larger units, which tend to cost more and might exceed the housing needs of the family, and families were being told about fewer homes than individuals were. Concerning the age/sex of the child (ren), family structure, and race and ethnicity of the prospective renters, there was no significant difference between renters with or without children ability to be informed of available rental units. Nevertheless, families with two or more children were more likely to be told of larger homes.

The author noted that this study only focuses on the early phase of the housing search and does not take into account discrimination that might occur later on in the process, such as during the lease signing. It also does not include any data on families that have a low/poor credit history and unstable unemployment that are looking for a home.

Click here to read the report.