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New Report Finds LIHTC Offers Affordability and Economic Stability

18 July 2018
Terner Center

In May 2018, the Terner Center released a new report exploring the economic outcomes of residents living in Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) properties. The research included responses from over 250 residents across 18 LIHTC properties throughout California.  

Among its findings, Terner reports those residents living in LIHTC properties reported feelings of stability and safety, compared to feelings of being precariously housed. Of working-age residents, 58% surveyed were employed. Additionally, respondents with school-aged children indicated that housing stability was the most important factor in their children’s success, with 75% happy with their children’s education after moving into a LIHTC property.  

The report concludes with a focus on LIHTC policy, finding that LIHTC is working. Terner notes that LIHTC properties have several advantages over other funding options, including consistent funding streams, and freedom from the stigma often carried by HUD-funded subsidies such as public housing and housing choice vouchers (Section 8). Terner concludes that LIHTC offers tenants affordability, quality housing, and economic stability. 

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