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New Report Finds SSI Recipients are At Risk of Housing Crisis

20 December 2017
Technical Assistance Collaborative

Priced Out, a report by the Technical Assistance Collaborative and the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities highlights the housing cost burden of people with disabilities who solely rely on Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The report found that nationwide people with disabilities need affordable housing options. On average the national monthly income of an individual who is receiving SSI payments was $763 in 2016, while the average rent of a studio/efficiency apartment was about $752, or about 99% of the SSI payments. 

In Connecticut, the average one-bedroom apartment rent was 114% higher than the monthly SSI payment, impacting more than 40,631 SSI recipients in the state.

The report summarizes that extremely low-income individuals with disabilities are at risk of being evicted and experiencing homelessness and recommends expanding permanent supportive housing programs and services to help meet the housing needs of people with disabilities who depend on SSI as their primary source of income.  

Click here to read the report.