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New Report Highlights the Needs of Homeless Seniors

27 April 2016
Justice in Aging

A new report, highlights issues concerning seniors experiencing homelessness, the challenges they face, and policy recommendations on how to better meet the needs of this growing population at risk of experiencing homelessness. According to the report from Justice in Aging - How to Prevent and End Homelessness Among Older Adults - homelessness among seniors is an emerging problem, especially as the adult population continues to age into poverty. High housing prices, health care costs, low wages, and lack of retirement hinder seniors’ ability to afford stable homes. Moreover, seniors are more likely to have unique physical and mental disabilities that can limit their mobility and their ability to perform simple daily activities, which may increase their risk of being institutionalized.

The report provides some of the following recommendations on how to address the needs of seniors experiencing homelessness:

  • Increase and protect safety net programs, such as the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs, which provide income to seniors and people with disabilities. 
  • Streamline and expand Medicare and Medicaid programs and benefits to reduce high out-of-pocket medical expenses and to provide housing-related services.
  • Increase the stock of affordable housing units for elders.
  • Provide free or low-cost legal services to assist seniors at risk of evictions, foreclosures, and consumer issues. 

Click here to read the report.