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Affordable Housing , Homelessness

New Report Highlights Opportunities for Cross-Systems Collaboration between Public Workforce and Homeless Services

8 August 2018
Heartland Alliance National Initiatives

Systems Work Better Together: Strengthening Public Workforce & Homelessness Service Systems Collaboration, developed through research and interviews with key stakeholders, discusses the idea of a systems collaboration between public workforce and homeless service systems. According to the report, a cross-collaboration between these two systems would improve service delivery outcomes and achievement of goals for individuals experiencing homelessness.

The report takes a deeper dive into the major barriers that work against a collective approach. These barriers include difficulty in getting stakeholders to buy into the approach, as well as concerns around collecting and sharing relevant data. The researchers offer solutions for addressing those barriers, which include increasing resources and accountability to encourage cross-collaborative efforts and educating stakeholders on current research and best practices.

The report concluded by noting “[Systems collaboration] requires a change in the status quo and a willingness among systems stakeholders to share risks and responsibilities. Although the public workforce and homeless service systems face a number of barriers to collaboration, solutions and different approaches do exist.”

Click here to read the report.