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Affordable Housing

New Report from Partnership for Strong Communities Finds Growth in Connecticut’s Affordable Housing Supply Slowed in 2021

20 May 2022

In a newly released analysis, Partnership for Strong Communities’ policy director, Sean Ghio reports that there was only a very minor net increase in the total supply of affordable housing in Connecticut during 2021.

The report analyzes the 2021 Affordable Housing Appeals List – an annually published list of government-assisted and deed-restricted housing for each Connecticut municipality. The list is used to determine exemption from the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure, commonly known as Section 8-30g.

Connecticut has 174,337 affordable housing units representing 11.71% of all housing in the state. This is a net gain of 129 units from 2020. A continuing drop in the number of CHFA single family mortgages masks gains of 2 – 3% in the remaining three affordable housing categories. Affordable homes receiving government subsidy, tenant rental assistance, and homes with deed restrictions maintaining affordability all increased in supply last year.  The fourth category monitored – Connecticut Housing Finance Authority single family mortgages – declined by 2,869 homes in 2021.

Thirty-one municipalities had affordable housing supply equal to or greater than 10% of their total housing supply and therefore are exempt from the provisions of Section 8-30g. The 31 exempt municipalities had a total of 133,929 affordable housing units representing 76.8% of the total supply of affordable homes in the state in 2021.

Connecticut’s affordable housing remains concentrated in very few cities. Hartford, New Haven, and Bridgeport have 51,173 affordable housing units, equivalent to the total affordable housing in the bottom 150 Connecticut municipalities.

The report also sets out ten actions that municipalities and residents can undertake to expand the supply of homes for purposes of the Affordable Housing Appeals List. Actions include common sense zoning updates, dedication of town land, and advocacy to the state to invest more heavily in housing affordability.

Read full report here

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