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New Report Provides Recommendations on Improved Messaging for Housing Policies

7 December 2016
Enterprise and Frame Works Institute

Messaging is critical to sharing information and increasing public support around a particular policy initiative. In examining the effectiveness of messaging as it relates to policies that impact affordable and supportive housing, the Frameworks Institute released a preliminary report discussing Why Housing Messages Are Backfiring and 10 Things We Can Do About It. The report outlines six housing message backfires that have the potential to weaken the effectiveness of the messaging and leave people disconnected from the greater cause. To help people feel more connected to housing, it is important to note that housing is a shared public concern that impacts all of us, and while using data is helpful, data cannot be the message; data must enhance a more effective message overall. Researchers suggest 10 recommendations, which focus on reframing messaging to build public support. Some include:

  • Convey a story that addresses the perspective of all the key players.  
  • Highlight the link between housing and other systems.
  • Explain the role that systems play as a driving factor behind housing policies. 
  • Reframe the message from a “Story of Them” to a “Story of Us.”

Click here to read the report.