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New Report Provides Town-by-Town Opportunity Maps for CT Youth

21 March 2017
Connecticut Voices for Children

Last week, Connecticut Voices for Children released a report that assessed the opportunities available for youth in each town in the state. The authors found some interesting variation between economically disadvantaged communities.

Poor communities that are highly segregated often experience high levels of youth discipline. However, New Haven, CT has one of the lowest suspension rates (165 suspensions per 1,000 students) and juvenile arrest rates (1,476 per 100,000 residents) for urban centers in Connecticut. Restorative justice practices, which provide intervention plans for at-risk youth, have been credited for the city’s success.

Correlations for each predictor are also highlighted throughout the report. For example, the authors found that housing stability leads to lower rates of teenage pregnancy.

The report is accompanied by an interactive map with town specific data for predictors such as the percentage of residents that are renters, the proportion of students that are eligible for Free and Reduced Price Lunch (FRPL), per capita income, etc. 

Click here to read view the atlas. 

Click here to read the full report.