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New Report Summarizes Research Findings on Rapid Re-housing Programs

30 June 2015
Urban Institute

The Urban Institute has released a new report on the research findings of rapid re-housing (RRH) programs, which help to assist families in exiting homelessness by moving quickly from shelter into permanent housing through short-term financial assistance and supports. The report, entitled Rapid Re-housing What the Research Says, highlights that the majority of families who participated in RRH programs have successfully exited to permanent housing. It outlines a list of questions that researchers might want to consider when evaluating the impact of RRH programs.

The report summarizes two ongoing evaluations to learn more about the implementation and impact of RRH programs. The studies include:

  • Rapid Re-housing for Homeless Families Demonstration (RRHD), a $23 million pilot project, aims to review the implementation strategies implemented in the 23 communities involved and the outcomes of the families served.  
  • Family Options Study is working to examine the impacts and cost of four housing intervention models: Rapid re-housing, project-based transitional housing, emergency shelters, and permanent subsidies housing.  

The Department of Urban Development and Housing (HUD) is funding the evaluations, and Abt is administering the studies.  

Click here to read the report.